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"The Best In Australian Radio"

If your into hearing local Australian bands, there is a radio station that dedicates a hell of alot of its time to this, TRIPLE J. There are also some other great non-commercial radio stations worth lending your ear too, unless of course your into hearing advertisments and old time 70's favourites.

Before you zoom off into radio land, be sure to fill out the feedback sections of the commercial radio stations, and request more air-play of local bands. TRIPLE J also take requests, and they will be sure to have just what your after!

Radio VU5  - Adelaide

Radio 4ZZZ - Brisbane

Radio PBS FM 106.7 - Melbourne

Radio 3RRR - Melbourne

Radio 2NUR FM - Newcastle

FBi Radio - Sydney

Radio RTR FM 92.1 - Perth

Triple J - Australia Wide



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Triple J are Australia Wide, which means that no matter where in Australia you are, you get the hear great Australian bands.

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FBI Radio offer a great mix of music, arts and culture.   This lil radio station has it all without
the glitz. Turn on your radio and give them a listen.