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If you know of any Australian band pages, or music industry sites that we somehow missed, gives us a yell and we'll add it to our database.

YOR Guide

"So Whats This All About Then?"

Its easy, this is one of the biggest and best comprehensive guides to Australian band "stuff" on the World Wide Web. Not only will you find  the hugest database of Australian bands homepages, but also gig guides, record labels, veneus, links, and loads more.  So sit back, relax, but most of all, enjoy some of the greatest bands that have come out of Australia.

Quick Pics


Below are some of the more popular band homepages, so click away, but dont forget the band index has over 500 band pages!

Quick Pick 1 Ammonia
Great Sound
Quick Pick 2 Custard
Anyone for dessert?
Quick Pick 3 Drop City
Go Go Go
Quick Pick 4 Fireballs
Double Bass Death!
Quick Pick 5 Frenzal Rhomb
For you Frenzal Fans
Quick Pick 6 Jebediah
A must see!
Quick Pick 7 Powderfinger
great album


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YOR's Bandpage 

Well it only seems right!
After all, YOR are one of Sydneys greatest punk / thrash bands.






Tour Guide :

Introducing Mr Pothead! He is our resident tour guide who will guide you on your way. And he is alwayz keen for a good hard mosh.


Mr Pothead!




Yor Award

Yep, YOR have come across so many fantastic sites they have decided to give out awards to there favourite ones.